Kind words from the good Dr. Ferrara


In response to my final submitted lesson plan, which was created as a “masterpiece” lesson for a teacher textbook:

“Noelle, your notes for the preservice teacher are incredible. I must make sure to use your writing a year from now when students ask the age old question, “I don’t seem to understand what you want from the masterpiece lesson assignment?” Not in this class- you all got it – and not only got it – got it beyond my expectations. You are one who really showed me that you value each type of unique student and that it is worth the extra effort to explore why the model of inquiry is a powerful tool to help all students learn.

Sometimes, students stay closely with the textbook in their course. Not you – you really threw out the net and captured the thinking of multiple researchers and practitioners in your analysis. Exceptionally well done.”


2 Responses to “Kind words from the good Dr. Ferrara”

  1. Way to rock everyone’s socks off!

  2. 2 noellems

    Thank you! I’m very pleased, and ready to enjoy a summer off from studying.

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